30 Awesome Star Wars Nails

by Shirlyn

When someone asks me about my take on the Star Wars movies and its influence to the earlier generation, my answer is always not that simple. Bringing up one of my favorites unleashes the geek in me and kick-starts me to hours of talking about it.

Star wars was really big during the earlier years. Before the discovery of Earth-like planets and the breakthrough sciences on space travel, Star Wars already gave people a peek into the future. No wonder the movie franchise gave rise to one of the most enduring pop culture of all time. Even in nail art business, Jedis and Siths are still engaged in their interstellar duels. All of the famous icons that came out of the movie can be found painted on nail samples we collected for you guys. We have droids, we have clones, light sabers, and starships. Famous characters like R2D2, C3PO, Yoda, and of course Darth Vader has also found their place in nail art with galactic or simple background polishes.

30 Awesome Star Wars Nails

Star Wars fever has not yet died down, kids these days will be introduced to this phenomenon because of the new movies coming out soon and for sure, they are going to love it. The story really transcends time as it hooks up different generations, from my parents, to mine, and hopefully to my children. Star Wars truly captivates the minds of the dreamers just like me. As for the nail arts inspired by it, just like the any other galactic inspired nail art, they are totally out of this world!

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 Take a look at these 30 Awesome Star Wars Nails collection of ours!


30. Star Wars R2-D2 French Manicure

Image Credit: No Biggie


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