35 Mesmerizing Glittered Gel Nail Designs


Nail art has come a long way from just painting the nails with beautiful designs. Nowadays, we see nails with layers and weird patterns that create astonishment not just for the ladies but for all viewing public.

One shining example to these new design ventures is the glittered gel nail art. Artists not just sprinkle glitters on top of painted nails, they do magic with it. Designs are created by manipulating the quantity and distribution of glitters throughout the nail. The gel part is more like a colorless glue that smooths texture and adds fixation strength to the designs.

The combination of back draft nail polish and the glitter designs makes the nail a true sight to behold. Nail care may be again challenging but who cares, your nails will surely be fabulous!

Here are the 35 Mesmerizing Glittered Gel Nail Designs for inspiration!

35Glittering Pastel Pink Gel Nails

Image Credit: Nail Art Gallery