38 White And Black Nail Designs

by Rose Walker

Neutrals always go best with almost anything. In the fashion world, wearing black or white wardrobe only needs one’s confidence to be a sure-fire head turner. Without further ado, let me take this opportunity to apply this concept to nails.

Black and white nail polishes already set a strong presence in the business of nail design independently. It is just recent, together with the advent of the creating art into nails, that these polishes where painted together and nail artists never been happier with the results. Choosing which will become the background and which will be used for painting the art is no problem with black and white. There are default designs you can do with the combination like checkered designs, stripes, and simple tribal streaks. Sometimes, a touch of gold for accents also boosts further the awesomeness of the design.

38 White And Black Nail Designs

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There are still a lot of cool designs for black and white nail art which we tried to collect and feature here in this article. Be astonished with the selection and once you’re decided for a particular design, always remember, there is nothing to worry about.

Take a look at these 38 White And Black Nail Designs for everyone! You may also check our 35 Perfect Black And Gold Nail Art Designs collection for further reference!

38. Swirling Stripes Nail Design

Image Credit: Pepino Nail Art Design


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