40 Best Chrome Nail Designs


Welcome to the best chrome nails, ladies!

If you thought a collection of chrome nail art would only be photos of shiny nails one after the other, then you’re wrong. You underestimate the creative powers of nail designers all around the nail polish world.

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First off, let’s talk chrome. Chrome nails are shiny and metallic nails that are mirrored and reflectorized. Don’t confuse chrome with holographic nails! Plain holo nails have that glittery rainbow effect in the light — like a puddle of water with a drop of gasoline. Chrome nails, on the other hand, have a flat yet shiny surface.

Still, the essence of nail art is mixing and matching styles that the boundaries sometimes blur. Just take a look at these awesome chrome nail art below. We’ve got amazing samples of stamping, nail wrapping, marbling, and so on. In some instances, holo and chrome effects have been fused in one design.

You can also see different effects applied like raindrops, water drops, and watercolors. We’ve even included some designs created with temperature-changing nail polish and even Sharpies, of all things!

Check out our set of the best chrome nails designs.

41Stiletto Silver Nail

Photo Credit: imaginationincolour