The Best Holographic Nail Polish 2017

by Jen

Naildesigners, we’ve got the best holographic nail polish lined up just for you.

Holographic nails aren’t like your usual nail varnish. Instead of one solid color, they change their hues depending on where the light hits them as well as your viewing angle.

The Best Holographic Nail Polish 2017

In simpler terms, holographic nails have the ability to mimic the colors of the rainbow.

Similar to how complex they get their hues, choosing the best holographic nail polish isn’t an easy process, too. In addition to finding the right shade and effect, you also have to consider its drying time, need for a good base, and coverage.

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Some nail polish can appear scattered. Others, meanwhile, can require several coats before you can get the effects you’re looking for. There are nail polishes that are budget-friendly while some can burn tiny holes in your wallet.

If you are planning on buying one, it’s essential that you consider all of these things. To cut your research shorter, here are the products we can recommend as the best holographic nail polishes.


For a very affordable price, China Glaze brings you a line of holographic colors. The intensity might not rival our other picks below but they are still undeniably attractive on our nails.


● Safe to use! Has no dangerous ingredients like toulene and DBP unlike other regular nail polishes
● Has hardeners; good news for you, if you’ve got dry or brittle nails as this nail polish can help your nails become stronger and healthier while you’re wearing it
● Can be applied smoothly; offers great coverage
● Very easy to remove unlike other nail brands
● Comes in other beautiful colors



● Holographic effect isn’t intense when indoors; looks best for outdoors or under artificial light
● This particular brand doesn’t have the rainbow effect but it’s still considered hologaphic by some


Trust us when we say that ILNP is one of the best nail polish brands when it comes to holographic effect. This Mega version uses a handful of different holographic particles compared to its equally popular Mega S or Mega X versions.

Pro-tip: If you like to experiment, add a few drops of the Mega holographic polish to an old nail polish that you have. You’ll be surprised by the results!


● It doesn’t require UV light; it air dries just like any regular nail polish thus saving you from additional UV light exposure.
● It’s long lasting, even without a top coat
● Unlike heavy glitter polishes, this brand is very easy to remove
● Applies smoothly; you won’t experience any bubbles or streaking
● It has a quick drying time so there’s less possibility of ruining your mani or pedi
● Not tested on animals so this brand is cruelty-free; also vegan


● One coat is good but two coats is better
● If you like selfies or need to take photos for your blog, sadly these babies are hard to photograph for best effect
● Some shades are more noticeable under direct sunlight


PrettyDiva is a great brand to try out if you want to buy holographic powders. They have different kinds of powders for different effects and they explain the differences very well. They also came up with easy to follow instructions so that you’re not in the dark with your purchase.


● Pure holo has a bright rainbow image and effect
● Very high quality; you only need a little bit each time
● Comes with 2 pieces of sponge applicators
● The other kinds have varied holographic and chrome effects

● You can change the tint by applying a different color background. Say, if you apply pink nail polish, the end effect will look rose gold, and so on.
● The Amazon page comes chock full of information so that you can’t go wrong when applying this.


● Best effect when done with the no wipe top coat so it won’t look as good without
● Jar looks tiny


Along with ILNP, Color Club is hands down our favorite holographic nail polish. Veteran nail fanatics are leaving very positive reviews for the Halographic Hues nail polish. User photos don’t lie. A common comment amongst those who have tried this is how it looks like heaven on your nails.


● Safe! This brand contains no formaldehyde and DBP chemicals
● Great for nail designing as you can use it for nail stamping; looks especially good when you stamp over black nail polish
● No streaking, bubbling, and bald spots; applies smoothly
● It can last a week with minimal chipping
● All their colors look awesome on hands
● Not tested on animals so this brand is cruelty-free; also vegan
● Very reflective which is what we want from holographic nail polishes

From live love polish


● Consistency is a bit runny
● Polish can quickly settle on the brush
● Can get clumpy fast so be sure to work fast

Get your holo nail polish now and see what all the fuss is about. When you do find the best holographic nail polish for you, don’t forget to share it with your fellow nail art designers!

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