30 Glam Black and Gold Nails

by Zel

What’s as sexy as gold glitter nails? Black and gold nails, that’s what!

NailDesigners, we’re bringing to you our special collection of black and gold nail designs. If for some reason you don’t want Christmas nail designs for the holidays, the next best bet is to go for a black and gold combo. This pairing is sexy, glamorous, chic, and best of all, it’s just right for all the holiday parties you’ll be attending. It can even stretch out through the New Years.

30 Glam Black and Gold Nails

We can imagine your outfit already. A gorgeous black party dress and some gold accessories and bright lippy color. How exciting!

With just two colors, you get an unlimited amount of possibilities. You can go dotted, distressed, gradients, or stamped manicures. Check out our black and gold nail designs below.

29. Glamorous Nails

Photo Credit: ilnp


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