30 Varied Black Fake Nails

by Zel

If you’re looking for black fake nails and designs, you’ve come to the right place!

A lot of men (and some women) wonder why people use fake nails. Sometimes, the occasion calls for fake nails when:

30 Varied Black Fake Nails
  • nails are thin or peeling
  • a person is prone to nail-biting
  • a person’s real nails are brittle or break easily
  • nails are too short but long nails are immediately needed
  • designs are beautiful and varied
  • black nail polish is just too messy to put on

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Unlike other colors like beige or nudes, black nail polish is very hard to put on. It is also very hard to do nail art with black colors. Thus, you get more versatility if you use black fake nails. You can experiment with so many styles and your nails will look great. At the same time, you also get to protect your poor damaged nails.

Here is a very varied collection of fake black nails.

29. Cute and Beautiful Black Acylic Nail Art

Photo Credit: picrevise


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