30 Bright Nail Designs To Spice Up Your Looks


Human nails are strategically located are the tips of human appendages like hands and feet. Because of this, humans can freely position nails in directions they want, to highlight or to hide.

For some fashionable individuals, nails are the best way to flaunt their style and to effectively showcase it to the public, nail art designs should be as bright as the sun. Bright nail arts maximize the brightest and the loudest color gradients there is. There are bright nail arts that are rendered on dull and plain backgrounds like black or white to create emphasis. There are also bright nail designs that use glitters and neon-based paints to achieve shining, shimmering, splendid look. Finally, different brightly colored nail polishes are combined in a unique pattern, creating a complicated design that outshines the rest.

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30 of the brightest and the most stunning bright nail designs are gathered here today for appreciation. This nail art portfolio is easy to recreate for your own so do not hesitate to choose one today and share it with your nail artist.

30Matte Neon Nail Design

Image Credit: Pinterest

29Colorful Abstract Nail Art

Image Credit: Tumblr

28Orange Nails With Silver Plates

Image Credit: Pinterest

27Geometric Neon Pattern Nail Design

Image Credit: Pretty Designs

26Botanical Wave On Gradient Polish

Image Credit: Pinterest

25Lovely Peacock Nail Design

Image Credit: Instagram

24Glitter Tornado Nail Art

Image Credit: Piggie Luv

23Leopard Print On Gradient Polish

Image Credit: Instagram

22Splatter Art On Neon Green Polish

Image Credit: We Heart It

21Gradient Neon Nail Design

Image Credit: Pinterest

20Vibrant Candy Coated Nails

Image Credit: Pinterest

19Confetti Tip Nail Design

Image Credit: Stay Glam

18Roses Wave On Ombre Polish

Image Credit: Instagram

17Bright Watercolor Nails

Image Credit: Pretty Designs

16Colorful Rainbow Nail Art

Image Credit: Total Beauty

15Neon Flourish Nail Design

Image Credit: Ten Little Canvases

14Bright Lemon Nail Design

Image Credit: Pinterest

13Paisley Spiral Nail Art

Image Credit: Nail Art

12Bright Dotticure Nail Art

Image Credit: Pinterest

11Butterflies And Floral Wave Nails

Image Credit: Instagram

10Psychedelic Heart Nail Art

Image Credit: Snail Vinyls

9Adorable Watermelon Nails

Image Credit: Hello Giggles

8Shiny Abstract Nail Design

Image Credit: Pinterest

7Bright Tropical Nail Art

Image Credit: Marine Loves Polish

6Dream Catcher Nail Art

Image Credit: Glaminati

5Clever Illustrative Nail Design

Image Credit: NCLA Beauty

4Enticing Doughnut Nail Design

Image Credit: Pinterest

3Neon Tringles On White Polish

Image Credit: Didolines Nails

2Stunning Mandala Inspired Nails

Image Credit: Instagram

1Neon Polka Nail Design

Image Credit: Pretty Designs