Easy Nail Art Tutorial To Create Gold Plated Moon


Today, I am about to show you ladies how you can capture the attention of your peers and boyfriends by following a nail tutorial that is counted as one of the best among a host of other similar easy nail art tutorials that are simple to follow and one can do these sitting at home. The gold plated moon easy nail designs are being talked about and seen a lot in fashion shows where one can see a wave of models cat walking on the ramp with their nails painted with lovely gold plated moon easy nail designs. Gold plated moon nails look glamorous and have a certain charm about them that no other nail art designs have. How would you ladies like to style up your nails too, quite on similar lines as these models and create a buzz in your social circles? Well, take a look below to read such nail art tutorial as you have never seen before.

1. Firstly, arrange your nail paints and brushes

The first step in all the nail tutorials is to organize your cosmetic kit that would include a top coat polish, a base coat nail paint, gold nail paint that would add shimmer, Licorice nail paint, a tool for making dots and a striping brush. Here, we have made use of the brand Essie, but you can use any other brand as you may like.

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2. Clean your nails and dry them up

The next important thing to do is clean your nails before you start applying any fresh coat of other nail polish. One can make use of wet tissues or pads as seen below where nails are shown being cleaned with nail polish removal pads by Bare Essential. These are soft and quite gentle on your nails. These moisturize your nails and keep them healthy.

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3. Start applying a thin layer of base coat

After you have cleaned your nails and patted them dry, you will have to start painting your nails with a base coat of any nail polish that is neutral in color. The coat applied should be thin so as not to spoil the look when the final paint is applied.

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4. Apply two coats of Licorice or black nail paint

Once, your base coat has been applied, you have to wait for a couple of minutes before starting to paint your nails with licorice or any black nail color as you deem fit. You would have to coat your nails with two layers one after the other. Coat your nails with one layer of licorice and then let it dry. Thereafter, paint these with another coat to give your nails more substance and shine.

Nail Art Tutorial

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5. Dip your stripping brush in gold nail paint and draw a horizontal line

After applying two coats of licorice and drying these up, you would need your brush that would be dipped in gold nail color to draw a horizontal line as shown in the image. Once you have done this, you will then proceed for filling up the top portion of your nails with this golden paint.

Nail Art Tutorial

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6. Take your dotting tool to make dots horizontally

The next step involves using your dotting tools as seen below to apply dots across your golden moon. One must be careful so as not to smudge the dots on to the rest of the nails while doing this step. The image shows how dotting tools look. These are quite easy to use and are available in all shops selling cosmetics.

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7. Apply top coat nail paint to add shine

Once the dots have dried up (it usually takes about ten to fifteen minutes) you can coat your nails with a top coat nail paint to add shine and make the nails look glossy as can be seen in the image below. This is the final step and the result is awesome as is evident here.

Nail art tutorial

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All the above mentioned steps are mandatory to be followed whenever you are planning to paint your nails with easy nail designs such as the gold plate moon nail design. Following these nail art tutorials is simple and one can gain immensely from these. Go through the post and am sure you will waste no time in following suit! Many of my readers have already gone through the easy nail tutorials and have got a new lease of life! So why waste time!