40 Inspiring Essie Nail Colors


Ladies, do you have a special bias for Essie nail colors? If you do, then you’ll enjoy our newest collection of photos of Essie nail polishes.

Essie is named after Essie Weingarten who was a hosiery fashion buyer before going into cosmetics, in particular, the nail polish niche. To introduce her brand to the world, Essie flew to Las Vegas lugging 10 cartons which weighed tons (Okay, they were 64 pounds. But still, heavy!) She showcased an original set of 12 fashion nail polish colors in Las Vegas. These 12 included blanc and really red.

She recounted, “If I go to Las Vegas, I have more women with disposable income than anywhere else. I have my dealers, my dancers, my cocktail waitresses, my showgirls. And they all had to be well groomed, well dressed and they were in front of the public at the time. So if I could get them to wear it and talk about it, it would spread like wildfire,” she said.

Essie’s business sense proved gold as her brand fluorished and is now one of the most well-known nail polish brand. The Queen’s hairdresser even wrote to Essie requesting for a nail pink polish called Ballet Slippers because it was one of the Queen’s favorites.

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Today, Essie has become an icon and inspiration for women who would like to jump into enterpreneurship. If you’ve ever had an idea but always balked, we hope Essie’s story is just one more story to inspire you.

So the next time you paint on some Essie nail polish on your nails, remember that you can do anything. You are Beauty. You are Success.

Check out our list of beautiful Essie nail colors.

39‘A List’ Bright Full Fire Engine Red Nail


Photo Credit: live_love_polish