30 Hyper Cute Hello Kitty Nails


Hello again, NailDesigners! Today’s featured designs are adorable Hello Kitty nails.

If you dislike pink, cuteness, and anything Hello Kitty, this post should be avoided at all cost. If you like cat designs though or simply a fan of Hello Kitty and have some nostalgic attachment to this bewhiskered mascot, then join in the fun!

Did you know, for all her cuteness, Hello Kitty was born in 1974. Her first product was a vinyl coin purse that said the word “Hello!”. Today, Hello Kitty is known and loved worldwide which was why there was such a hullaballoo last year about whether Hello Kitty was an English little girl called Kitty White, or not-human but basically a personification of a cat.

Whatever the case, we love Hello Kitty and her art is equally lovable!

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Check out these creative Hello Kitty nails from fans. We’ve got Hello Kitty faces, pink ribbon patterns, abstract designs with accents, ombre designs, and even some crystal nails. You’ll be amazed by the wide array of creative Hello Kitty designs we’ve found!

29Fetching Blue and White Hello Kitty Nails

Photo Credit: nailbees