How to Make Panda Nail Art : Step by Step Tutorial


Panda nails are as much stylish as any other nail art and looking at the rate at which panda nail art is generating curiosity among girls, I have decided to share a panda nail art tutorial that will help all of you to get started instantly. Look below to see how your nails can get transformed into ‘cuties’ when pandas come alive with such simple steps that you never knew existed before. So, what are we waiting for gals!! Lets begin the panda nail art tutorial that, am sure, is the one that all of us can do at home effortlessly as compared to other nail tutorials!

1. Gather your things for the panda nail art

Firstly, you need various things before you can start to begin your nail art. You need nail paints in flesh tone, black and white. You would also need dotting tools like toothpicks. Base coat is optional, but you can keep it handy.

Panda Nail Art

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2. Clean your nails before starting to paint

For maintaining your manicured nails, it is a requirement that you polish and clean your nails prior to applying any nail paint. We often make the mistake of cleaning nails with soap, nail polish remover or acetone that ruins the natural texture of our nails. Instead, use a nail brush made of nylon.

Panda Nail Art

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3. Layer your nails with a base coat

The third step isn’t a must to be done but you can apply a base coat if you wish to. Start with applying one layer on all the nails. Then let the nails dry up. Then, begin the second coating. Many women have the habit of applying base coat as it helps maintain the nail paint’s texture and prevents it from chipping off fast.

Panda Nail Art

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4. Apply skin color paint on your nails

After your nails coated with base paint have dried up, you can start applying skin toned paint on them. Start with one layer and then finishing off with another coat. There are endless options to choose like Tips and Toes. Skin colored polish helps enliven the design and makes it look glamorous too. There are other alternatives to using skin paints like grey and dull tones.

Panda Nail Art

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5. Make a circular shape towards the lower portion of the nails and fill them up with white paint

The fifth step is the beginning of attaining cute panda nails wherein you need to use your toothpicks to fill up the circular shapes as seen below. For making these shapes, you can use a fine brush and then fill up the inner portions by dipping the stubby end of the toothpick in white nail polish. The shapes can be made on nails as required by you and would resemble a panda’s head. Layer with three coats of nail polish.

Panda Nails

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6. Create ears with the dotting tool

Now, the next step involves you to make use of your dotting tool and make ears of the panda. It is a very simple step and one can use a free hand while making the ears with black nail polish.

Nail art tutorials

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7. Make circles in white inside the eyes

Once your eyes have been made, take your toothpick and dip it in white polish to make inner circles inside. Give a titling effect when making them. One can use the stubby part of the toothpick to fill in the white paint.

Nail Tutorials

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8. Use dotting tool to make nose

For the nose, take help of your dotting tool or your toothpick to make small dots on each nail, just like in the image.

Nail Tutorials

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9. Make eyeballs with black paint

Now, for the eyeballs, take your toothpick’s end and dip it in black nail polish. Then, make dots inside the eyes. This will give a realistic touch to the panda designs.

 Panda Nail Art Tutorial

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10. Apply a transparent coat of nail polish

As the final step towards designing your nails with cute panda nail art, you need to coat your nails with a transparent nail polish as seen in the image. This will help you retain the sheen of the nail design for a longer duration.

Panda Nail Art Tutorial

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Following nail tutorials as this one will help you to get cute nails in no time. Panda nails are just the perfect way to show how stylish young ladies can look and out of many nail art tutorials dedicated to these lovely animals, the one that I have presented today is probably the easiest to follow. One who is in the habit of following the latest nail art trends must make it a point to read different nail tutorials before choosing one for herself as not all nail art tutorials are simple such as the one shown today. Enjoy!