25 Minnie Mouse Nail Art

by Shirlyn

Minnie Mouse, the better half of Mickey, although she’s just a supporting character of the face of the most famous company in the world, does not mean that she is not crazy famous herself. In fact, if Mickey didn’t have the Disney logo gig, Minnie will topple down Mickey’s reputation by the mere size of her patrons, the cute lady kids around the world.

In dedication to the influence and happiness Minnie Mouse brought to this world, today’s nail art designs are all about her. Some of the iconic Minnie Mouse fashion that are applied into nails are the red and white polka dots and the large ribbon. Also, Minnie’s face is seen on several of these art samples which some are glittered and jeweled for added effect.

25 Minnie Mouse Nail Art

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More cute and awesome Minnie Mouse nail art designs are in store for today so do not forget to check out everything. Too bad for Mickey, this is one art venue that his charm won’t probably work so all that he can do for now is to cheer on for his beloved Minnie Mouse.

25. Minnie Mouse Design On Gradient Nails

Image Credit: Lucy’s Stash


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