30 Lovable Heart Nails

by Shirlyn Ramos

The heart is no doubt the most famous organ or shape in the world. It symbolizes something that is more powerful than money and influence, love. Also, for all living things, heart is the very symbol of life. It is no wonder if all forms of art in all eras used heart in many opportunities. The manipulation of the heart shape can change moods from elated, in love, static to frustration, sadness, and betrayal.

Following such elaborate introduction, we give you a few of the best nail art designs inspired by the most famous shape of love. Normally, we see hearts colored in red, but in recent times, hearts are rendered in different shades which also symbolizes different emotions. Some of the presented nail art samples are cute while some are sophisticated. The design possibilities for a heart nail art are almost endless since the heart symbol is also used to be exploited by art itself.

30 Lovable Heart Nails

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Enjoy the heart nail art designs we have in line for you today. It may be a common subject for an art design but no one would deny that it is still bankable and irresistible to have one.

30. Blue And Black Heart Nail Design

Image Credit: She Knows


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