20 M&M Nails For Your Sweet Tooth

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Ladies, do you like chocolates and sweets? If you do, you’ll enjoy our collection today — M&M nails.

This candy brand and type look cute and festive on your nails because of their bright and attractive colors. But how much do you know about M&Ms?

20 M&M Nails For Your Sweet Tooth

These little candies were invented by Forrest Mars Sr. During the Spanish Civil War, he saw soldiers behind the lines eating lentil-shaped chocolates. They were covered in hard sugar so they didn’t melt easily in the hot sun. Forrest Mars got a patent for the manufacturing process in 1941.

In the beginning, these little candies were sold in cardboard tubes. Later, the brown packaging that we know now was used. Even in the early days, a letter “m” was printed on each candy with vegetable dye. Forrest Mars was said to be so fanatical with quality that if he found a packet where the letter M was not printed dead center in the middle of the candy, he would have the batch recalled.

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And do you know why they’re called M&Ms? This name stands for Mars and Murrie. Murrie is William F.R. Murrie, then the president of Hershey who became partners with Forrest Mars. Ironically, Hershey and Mars are now big rivals in the candy industry.

Whenever you see these little Ms, you might remember these little bits of trivia we shared with you today.

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19. M&M Sweet Yellow Nails

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