32 Pink And White Nails

by Shirlyn

Sometimes, well most of the times, simplicity is beauty. Nail art may have open opportunities for loud, colorful, and outrageous designs for nails but sometimes, all it takes is just a few color combination and you still get to achieve that wow experience.

Check out these white and pink nail art designs in line for you ladies out there today. The neutral white and the cute pink are probably two of the simplest colors there are in the world yet they are also two of the most powerful. The combinations of these colors undoubtedly create lethal designs that would boost confidence and fashion of the bearer.

32 Pink And White Nails

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Unfortunately, we can only list down a couple design samples for this post which we made sure you guys would enjoy. However, nothing actually can bar you guys in checking more of these design theme through the internet. Have fun ladies!

32. Pink and White Lace Nail Design

Image Credit: Styletic


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