40 Chic Pointy Nails


Hi Naildesigners! Are you in the mood for some pointy nails?

As nail art enthusiasts, you already know by now that there are different types of nail shapes you can choose from when planning your look. We have round, oval, square, and squoval as some basic shapes.

But what about pointy nails? Here are just some pointy shapes to choose from:

Almond nails – These are the shorter nail designs for pointy nails. An almond shape is an oval nail with a pointed tip. As pointy nails go though, this is very tame.

Stilleto nails – Unlike almond nails, stilleto nails taper to an extreme tip.¬†This style is head-turning and beautiful but you’ll have to be careful as they are prone to breaking.

Ballerina or Coffin nails – If you want something in between almond and stilleto nails, you should consider ballerina or coffin nails. They are named thusly because these nails are long but with a squared off tip like a ballerina’s pointe shoes or a coffin’s shape.

Check out all our pointy nail designs below!

39Blue Glittery Stilleto Nails

Photo Credit: nailpro