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40 Fab Aztec Nails

Nail art may be novel in this world but it doesn’t mean that it cannot tap into the history to work out some of its best features. The truth is, like all other art, inspiration comes mostly in the past because people already experienced it. On the other h... [read more]

42 Splendid Tribal Nail Designs

Tribal designs are very popular in graffitis, tattoos, and other common venues of art. This time, I will be introducing another canvass where tribal art can be applied and where fashion gets a makeover. Tribal art in nails is rather unusual since the art ... [read more]

40 Stylish Tribal Nail Art Ideas

Most of the nail art designs that we’ve seen so far were about glam and fab. Well, that is obviously true since the objective of this business is to add fashion to all women. However, to our surprise, we found out that there are also other designs that sa... [read more]