32 Memorable Thanksgiving Nails

by Shirlyn

Holidays, as proven in this site, are very good subjects for nail art designs. Because of that, I decided to check out the world wide web and gather up the best of the best nail designs featuring the nearest upcoming American holiday, the Thanksgiving.

For you guys out there who don’t have the faintest idea as to how Thanksgiving started, from what I usually hear about it, it is based on a specific event in American history when the colonizers where welcomed by one Native American community and a feast was shared with it. Thanksgiving nail art usually has the earthly colors of the autumn season since the holiday falls at the end of it. As for the design subjects, most of the samples you’ll find are turkeys, falling leaves, and Indian stuff like teepees, totems, and feathers. Some also incorporate famous characters dressed up for the holidays as their main designs.

32 Memorable Thanksgiving Nails

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Thanksgiving for me is the time for families to get together and share the warmth and nourishment of the food being prepared. Having a nail art that goes along with the holiday only means that you are as much excited as I am to see and meet the whole gang once again.

32. Falling Leaves On Matte Black Nails

Image Credit: Instagram

31. Thanksgiving Inspired Nails

Image Credit: Cuded

30. Pumpkin And Glitter Nail Design

Image Credit: Stay Glam

29. Turkey Accent Nail

Image Credit: Stay Glam

28. Candy Corn Ombre Design

Image Credit: Stay Glam

27. Autumn Ombre Sequin Fade

Image Credit: Stay Glam

26. Falling Leaves On Gradient Nails

Image Credit: Popsugar

25. Burgundy and Gold Pumpkin Nail Art

Image Credit: Instagram

24. Thanksgiving Dotted Nails

Image Credit: Fierce Makeup and Nails

23. Pumpkin Nail Tips

Image Credit: One Nail To Rule Them All

22. Maroon Chevron Thanksgiving Nails

Image Credit: About

21. Thanksgiving Inspired French Tips

Image Credit: Instagram

20. Glittered Falling Leaves Nail Art

Image Credit: Stay Glam

19. Acorn Nail Design

Image Credit: Today

18. Classy Thanksgiving Nail Design

Image Credit: Instagram

17. Minions Thanksgiving Nails

Image Credit: Ink361

16. Studded Thanksgiving Themed Nails

Image Credit: Style Caster

15. Thanksgiving Cream and Glitter Dots Nail Art

Image Credit: About

14. Mesmerizing Fall Colored Nails

Image Credit: Instagram

13. Chevron Nail Designs

Image Credit: Cosmopolitan

12. Falling Leaves On Ombre Nails

Image Credit: Brit + Co

11. Ox Blood Nails

Image Credit: Brit + Co

10. Marbled Turkey Nail Design

Image Credit: Fab Nail Art Designs

9. Thanksgiving Delish Nails

Image Credit: Tumblr

8. Thanksgiving Glittered French Tips

Image Credit: The Crafting Nook

7. Adorable Thanksgiving Nails

Image Credit: Pretty Designs

6. Shimmering Thanksgiving Nail Art

Image Credit: I Feel Polished

5. Fancy Thanksgiving Nail Tips

Image Credit: Reddit

4. White Thanksgiving Nail Design

Image Credit: Pretty Designs

3. Dotted Half Moon Thanksgiving Nail Art

Image Credit:Pretty Designs

2. Color Block Nails

Image Credit: Pretty Designs

1. Autumn Themed Aztec Nails

Image Credit: Pretty Designs


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