30 Girly Light Pink Nail Designs

by Shirlyn

The world could never be this beautiful if it weren’t for colors. Color is everywhere. Colors dictate life and colors usually are associated with some aspects of human life.
Like for example the colors of light blue and light pink. These colors were universally accepted to represent young boys and young girls respectively. For women who wants to be young forever, wearing something with light pink shade is a way to go. One way to get light pink in a women’s body is through nail art.
With the different art designs that can be added into this cute shade, light pink artsy nails are a fad. In the collection, you’ll see glittered tips, 3D, and patterned designs. So, for all women out there, get your own light pink nail art and stay young and beautiful.

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30 Girly Light Pink Nail Designs

Below are the 30 Girly Light Pink Nail Designs. For more chic reads, we also have the 35 Creative Pink Nail Designs For Women collection.

30. French Tips Matte Pink Nails

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