How To Build Your DIY Nail Polish Rack


Organizing your nail polish collection isn’t that easy, particularly if you’re a full-blown nail aficionado. You can easily end up overflowing your cabinets with pretty bottles or find them scattered all over your apartment.

Don’t worry. We’re not judging you.

But, instead of feeling bad, why don’t you get creative and build your own rack? These two DIY nail polish rack tutorials can show you exactly how.

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What You’ll Need:

Ruler or measuring tape
3 foam boards
Glue gun and glue sticks
Duct tape (design is optional)

1. Take your first foam board and draw horizontal lines.

foam board diy nail polish rack

Using your ruler, draw two horizontal lines on the upper and bottom parts of the board. Make a mark every 5 inches. Once you’re done with that, draw vertical lines connecting the marks on upper part to the ones on the bottom. You can use your ruler or the edge of one of the other boards. This will the the back of you polish board.

2. Take the second foam board and make seven 2-inch strips.

This will serve as the shelves of your rack.

You can do the same marking procedure you did on the first foam board. Just take your ruler and draw two horizontal lines on the upper and bottom parts of the board. Make a mark every 2 inches and connect them after.

For the remaining foam board, make seven 1-inch strips.

3. Now, take the third foam board and create two 2 ½- inch strips.

These strips will serve as the sides of your rack.

4. Using your knife, cut along the lines of the second and third board.

5. Take your printed duct tape and use it to cover your 1-inch strips.

duct tape diy nail polish rack

6. Now, get your first foam board and glue the 2-inch strips on the lines you drew there.

Line the strips with glue before you actually attach them. You can strengthen the shelves by adding another layer of glue under the strips where the boards meet.

7. Glue the two 2 ½ inch strips on the sides of the rack.

8. For the final touch, take the 1-inch strips and glue them on the front part of the shelves.

These strips will help prevent your polishes from falling off.

Tip: Once installed in your wall, you can use the top part of your rack to keep your nail polish removers and nail art tools.

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Now, if these steps overwhelmed you, here’s a much easier version you can try.

Watch This Other Video:

What You’ll Need:

An oversized cutlery tray
Some wire hangers
Wire cutters
Spray paint

1. Begin by cutting the bottom part of the hangers.

2. Stick the metal rods into each section of the tray.

Place them in a way that won’t let your polishes fall off. If your tray has holes in it, like this one, you can just insert the rods and fold the edges to secure. If not, you may need to create small holes on the sides of your tray.

cutlery tray diy nail polish rack

3. Finally, spray paint the entire tray with your chosen color.