13 Cool Gemini Nails To Express Your Personality

by Zel

Zodiac nails might sound silly but it’s one great way to show off your style. And today, we picked out 13 Gemini nails you can easily get away with.

Gemini are expressive and loving. They are energetic, witty and curious, too. They are sociable and communicative. However, they have a tendency to be serious and restless at times.

13 Cool Gemini Nails To Express Your Personality

In other words, they are two personalities rolled into one.

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Gemini’s character is fun-loving. People born under this sign aspire to experience everything. They are full of energy and vitality. You won’t find them boring which is why we think these designs will fit the zodiac perfectly.

Now, if you’re feeling excited, let’s jump right in!

Gemini Starry Night

Photo Credit: livingly

Free-Handed Gemini Sign

Photo Credit: nailscontext

Gemini Zodiac-Inspired Nail

Photo Credit: more

Passionate and Attractive Gemini Nails

Photo Credit: ipsy

Gemini Using Polish Kings & Thieves Nail Design

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Gemini Twins Nails

Photo Credit: naileddaily

Green Nails with Gemini and Rhinestones

Photo Credit: Airin Hada

Gemini Zodiac Sign in Pink Nails

Photo Credit: MiLy Ploz

Simply Gemini Nail Art

Photo Credit: DK

Color Changing Gemini Glitter

Photo Credit: Beaudome

Yin Yang Starry Gemini Nail Design

Photo Credit: pinimg

Gemini Nail Art Decals

Photo Credit: etsy

Water Slide Nail Decals

Photo Credit: etsy

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