30 Classy Gray Nail Polish


Ladies, don’t you think gray nail polish is SO posh?

Red nails and gray nail polish are ironically enough quite similar and yet so polar opposites. Both colors are classics and worn right, can give you a glam look. However, while red nails command attention in a diva sort of way, gray nails bespeak of understated class.

Beige neutrals are often the colors that we use to create an effect of neutral manicures. However, if you want a change, your next best bet (and currently fashionable, at that!) are gray nails.

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If you’re going into the cooler months, choose a darker shade of gray but if you’re going into summer, lighter shades are pretty. Also, there are so many delicious shades of gray that there should be a hue to match your mood.

Some grays are dark, some light, some are matte, and some are glossy. Check out our collection of disarming gray nail polishes. Who knew gray could be so interesting?!

29Cream Soda Light Gray Nail

Photo Credit: pinterest