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30 Nude Nails Ideas

Shirlyn Ramos

There are certain fashion efforts in this world that even with the changing times, these “constants” will never lose its fame and will always be in demand. Some of these are the red lipstick, the black dress, the pearl necklace, and the long straight hair... [read more]

30 Subtle Nude Nail Ideas

Shirlyn Ramos

For all ladies out there who had their nails polished hundreds of times already ever since they knew about nail polishing, were you came to a point that you’re tired of seeing colors on your nails yet you need to do something about it for it not to be dul... [read more]

40 Gorgeous Nude Nail Designs

Rose Walker

Nude Nails, just like the red lipstick or the little black dress, can never go out of fashion. They are timeless and their appeal hasn’t diminished over time. The hottest nail color for the season is barely even a color, it is nude and it might sound bori... [read more]