30 Stylish Teal Nail Designs

by Shirlyn

The world of colors are all about primaries and combinations. The color wheel and gradient offers almost infinite choices of unique shades and colors that art are so much willing to exploit.

One particular unique color is what they call teal. Its is basically a blue that is a little green. You cannot say that it is blue green because it really is not. This color is one of the top hits in wedding motifs because it is pleasant in the eyes and the color is like made precisely for weddings.

30 Stylish Teal Nail Designs

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This color is also a good color for nail art designs. It is unique, cool, and very accommodating to extra art and accessories. We have a few samples of this rare design in line for you ladies today. I’m pretty sure that once you get to see the awesome samples, you are going to love the unique color of teal from here on.

30. Teal Tribal Nails

Image Credit: Styletic


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