36 Splendid Tulips Nails


Ladies, how about trying tulip nails? We often come across flower nail art like rose designs, daisy patterns, and sunflower art, but you may still have yet to try tulip designs on your nails.

Tulips are the beloved flowers of the Dutch people. We’ve often seen photos of miles upon miles of tulip flowers with the occasional windmill in the distance. If they are not endemic to your country, you might find tulips beautiful and very exotic.

Did you know? Around the 1600s, there was a huge mania for tulips. In fact, it was one of the first economic bubbles. The most famous tulip was the “Queen of the Night”. It’s a tulip that is almost black but is actually a deep purple when viewed.

And if you’ve ever seen beautiful striped varieties, you might be shocked to know that it’s actually a result of a viral infection amongst tulip plants.

In our collection below, we’ve collected a huge array of tulip nail designs. With over 3,000 varieties of tulips, you can imagine how much inspiration that provides for tulip nail art.

Check out our tulip designs for your nails below and tell us what your favorites are!

34Pink Tulips in Black Eve Nails

Photo Credit: paulinaspassions