13 Virgo Nail Art Ideas To Spice Up Your Style

by Zel

Ready for some really cool Virgo nail art ideas?

Ruled by Mercury, Virgos can get a lot of things done and they execute their tasks perfectly. This is one good reason why they are such an asset at work. They are intelligent and highly critical. They pay attention to every detail and their decisions are usually spot on.

13 Virgo Nail Art Ideas To Spice Up Your Style

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Apart from the sharp mind, people born under this sign are also intense perfectionists. They detest disorganization and are usually very picky. With these things in mind, we made sure to pick only the best designs that can your personality.

So, shall we get started?

Virgo Nail Art in Glitters

Photo Credit: nailpolis

Virgo Nail Art in Goldy Nails

Photo Credit: naileddaily

Manicure Inspired in Virgo Sign

Photo Credit: nataliciosa

Constellation and the Symbol for Virgo Acrylic Nails

Photo Credit: nailpolis

Galactic Mani Virgo

Photo Credit: mor

Virgo with Hello Kitty in White Nails


Photo Credit:quo-vadis-mundi.blogspot

 Virgo Zodiac Nail Decals

Photo Credit: etsystudio

Virgo Nails

Photo Credit: ipsy

Virgo Nail Design and Constellation

Photo Credit: imgrum

Earthy Shimmery Swirls For My Virgo Twin Stacey

Photo Credit: heynicenails

Virgo Nail

Photo Credit: MiLy Ploz

Virgo Nail Art in Yellow and Red Dots

Photo Credit: Ravs Collections

Floral Nails with Virgo

Photo Credit: Angy Phillips

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