18 Best Mismatched Nail Art Manicures


NailDesigners, have you ever heard of mismatched nail art?

Most nail designs work on the principle of revolving around one repeating color or design. For example, nude nails are nails uniformly painted in sheer skin-toned colors while striped nails show off duplicate vertical or horizontal patters. Some other designs, however, match complementary colors. For example, red and black nails are one of our most popular collections.

But what about mismatched nails? If they were people, they’d be the rule breakers. They don’t follow any recognizable convention. They are mismatched with no two designs alike.

Some are crazily random but more often than not, their beauty lies in how the varying nail art for each nail collectively come together as one whole. Just like a rainbow is composed of different colors, so does it create a beautiful palette in the sky.

Check out our mismatched nail art collection below to see what we mean.

Gold and Pink Artsy Leaf

Photo Credit: beachgal

Pretty Floral and Cute Spots and Stripes

Photo Credit: nailpro

Bright Leopard Print Nails

Photo Credit: itsallaboutthepolish

Green Zoya Nail Polish with Japanese Words for Happiness and Good Fortune

Photo Credit: nailitmag

Bright Purple and Fuchsia Mani

Photo Credit: adventures_in_acetone

Yellow and Pink with Glitter

Photo Credit: iheartprettypolish


Nude Nail Art

Photo Credit: lovethispic

Unique Nail Art for Short Nails

Photo Credit: paznokcie_jgd

Colorful Stamped Nails

Photo Credit: nailitmag

Mismatched but Lovely Nails

Photo Credit: Pastel Nails’ Last Hoorah

Silver Spark Polka Dot and Stripe Art

Photo Credit: Falguni 

Embellished Mismatched Nail Designs

Photo Credit: prettydesigns

Floral and Fruity Combo Nail Design

Photo Credit: Jamie Tonn

Cute Mismatched Glitter Polka Dot and Heart Nails

Photo Credit: nailitmag

Classy Pink and Gray Nail Design

Photo Credit: designtrends


Labor Day Mismatched Art

Photo Credit: designtrends

Color Block in Yellow and Black

Photo Credit: tiptopnailery

St. Patrick’s Day Mismatched Mani

Photo Credit: nailitmag