8 Nail Hacks For Lazy Girls

by Rose Walker

Don’t have the patience to go through a 2-hour manicure session? Neither do we!

Getting your nails done and painted can be a tedious process. Apart from cleaning, you’ll have to sit still and wait for your nails to dry first before you can freely move around. This can easily take away the relaxing feeling you’re supposed to get from an expensive manicure session.

8 Nail Hacks For Lazy Girls

To save you from all these frustrations, we present to you 8 of the best nail hacks for lazy girls you can find around.

1. Use Vaseline to keep your cuticles clean

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Frustrated with your polish leaving a mess on your cuticles? Solve the issue by applying vaseline first around your nails. This will create a barrier between your skin and the polish. Once your nail polish has dried, you can just easily wipe away the excess.

2. Dry your polish faster with your freezer

Got no time to wait for your polish to dry? Stick your hands in the freezer for a couple of seconds to allow it to set.

3. …Or dip your fingers in ice cold water

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If the idea of sticking your hands in the fridge sounds too absurd, you can just get a bowl of ice cold water and dip your nails there for a couple of seconds.

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4. Hide chipped polish with glitter

Taking off your chipped polish and applying another coat can take a lot of your time. Instead of having to re-do your nails, grab a glitter polish and apply it on your nails. It won’t only hide the chipped areas, but it can also serve as an accent.

5. Remove nail polish by applying more polish

In case you run out of nail polish remover and you can’t afford to take a trip to a local store, you can use your own nail polish to get rid of the existing one on your nails. You can choose either a clear coat or another solid color for this hack. Apply it on your nails and, while it is still wet, get a cotton pad and wipe off everything.

6. Use a floss picker to remove nail stickers

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Nail stickers can take less time than applying coats of polish, but they can require more effort when it comes to removal.

For you, lazy girls, we suggest soaking your nails in water first and then lift the stickers off using a floss picker. Repeat the process as necessary.

7. Create nail art using your makeup brushes

You can forget about using washi tapes in creating nail arts. Get your fan brush instead and create wonderful brush effects.

8. Replace your nail stickers with washi tapes

If you’re in love with nail stickers, you’ll definitely fall in love more with washi tapes- especially if you already have a couple of them lying around. You’ll just need your choice of washi tape, a clear top coat, a pair of scissors and you’re good to go.

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