35 Hot Summer Nail Designs


I know that winter has just started and there is still a long time before we can feel again the summer heat, but I just have to do this post to allow you guys to prepare for “that” season.

Summer is characterized by the sun and of course, the beach. This is the time when people dress down because of the intense heat and in the process exposes more skin to the public. Because wardrobe fashion is limited during this season, people need to find other ways to stand out in the crowd and one way to this is by having fabulous nails. Summer nails must be flashy, easy to identify yet cool in the eyes. With summer as the theme, one could expect designs such as palms, fruits, and things you see over and under the sea. The main objective of summer nail art is to be refreshing so color selection must be those that has a thirst-quenching effect.

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As I said, this post is way too early for its time however there is actually no problem with that. As they say, there is no harm is early preparation. So to facilitate this decision making process, here are some of the best summer nail designs out there that might be suitable for your next summer escapade.

35Navy Blue Summer Nail Design